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by Matthias Nowak

Be Your Number One

Our vision

Every coach worth their salt wants their players to “Be the best player YOU can be”, and nothing is better than seeing them make real leaps in their performance. But such quantum leaps are unrealistic if YOU as a coach do not make this standard your own.

My series of seminars will offer you a unique education as a Cognitive Trainer in soccer. I am offering you a tried and tested method for all age groups right up to the professional level in a totally new format.

But this about more than just my unique training: I want you to get personally involved and be active in building a new culture of working. Together. In “Nowak’s Eleven”, YOU are valued as an individual coach for cognitive training in soccer. In my team I am not Being the Number One, but instead I want to work with YOU, as you will BeYourNumberOne, as part of this team. Together, we will all feel inspired to achieve fantastic results with our players. Come and be a part of this worldwide movement!

If you are an individual coach, brain trainer, licensed coach, technical coach, or athletics and performance coach, come and join my community!

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Lead your players to top tier performance – while having a lot of fun!

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Secure new career opportunities in soccer!

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